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Company History

Present ~ 2010

2022 Patent acquisition (3 cases), patent application (3 cases)
Abnormal current detection device, insulation failure blocking device, thermal leakage breaker and distribution board for instantaneous interruption, arc detection circuit using external magnetic field induction and 2 other cases
2021 Factory relocation
200-20 Yongsu-gil, Chowol-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Development of Electronic Motor Protection Relay (EOCR)
Industrial distribution panel and mobile distribution box development
Obtained patent for industrial distribution board (insulation module and nut carrier distribution board)
Industrial distribution panel design registration (distribution panel cover and nut carrier)
2020 Development of an earth leakage breaker (IOP) to prevent unnecessary operation
Development of cable grand and street light distribution box
2019 Nara Marketplace/Korea Electric Power Bidding Registration
Industrial plug/socket, mobile distribution box, SPD development
2018 For mini magnetic contactor (single phase, 3 pole only) and mini wiring Development of circuit breakers (TDK/1P~3P) and acquisition of KC certification
2017 Acquisition of KC/KS certification for earth leakage breaker for housing
Acquired KC/KS certification for circuit breakers for houses
2016 Acquisition of electromagnetic contactor KC certification
Development of thermal overload relay
Export to Myanmar (Electromagnetic contactor, etc.)
2015 Acquired KS certification for residential distribution panel
Development of circuit breaker for distribution board
2014 Development of SPD (lightning protector)
Export to Myanmar (short circuit and wiring)
2013 Change of company name
Taesung Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
2012 Acquired overseas certification (CE, CB)
2010 Acquisition of patent (overcurrent circuit breaker)

2007 ~ 1993

2007 Design registration (earth leakage and circuit breaker)
2006 Developed circuit breakers (400, 600, 800AF)
2005 Obtained a patent (overcurrent circuit breaker)
Load test facility installation
2004 Development of earth leakage breaker (100AF)
Developed circuit breaker (225AF)
2003 Development of earth leakage breaker 2.5kA
2002 Registered as a KEPCO supplier
Development of circuit breakers (225AF 14kA)
Trade business registration
2001 Designated as a company specializing in military service
2000 Head office, factory expansion and relocation (new construction)
1999 Acquired KS for wiring/leakage circuit breaker
1998 Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
1996 Development of earth leakage breaker (50AF)
1995 Developed circuit breakers (50AF)
1994 Earth leakage circuit breaker development (30AF)
1993 Established Taesung Electric Co., Ltd.